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Fr Russell Rd Residents say NO to Cycle Lane

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Fr Russell Road says NO to Limerick City & Council's proposed dangerous reconstruction of our road that will threaten the comfort, safety & security of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on the road.

Fr Russell Road residents have received letters from the local authority informing them they are considering draft design options for cycle lanes.

Fr Russell Rd Residents say NO to Cycle Lane

Increased danger for motorists

Fr Russell Rd Residents say NO to Cycle Lane Cyclists will be at increased risk from rear-view mirrors of buses and trucks

Cycle lanes are not advised where the road traffic volume is too high. Fr Russell Road is a secondary road with an existing 1088 houses and 3 blocks of flats having direct access by car to the road. This means that as many as 2176 cars will have to cross cycle lanes to gain access to their property daily.

Residents feel that the existing road is too narrow to accommodate the lanes and will put motorists at increased risk when passing buses or trucks on the road and to motorists turning into and driving out of their properties.

Increased risk for cyclists

Double decker buses provide a regular service on Fr. Russell Rd. As the road is too narrow for designated bus lanes, cyclists will be at even greater risk of accidents from the rear-view mirrors of the buses and trucks.

Poor quality cycle lanes like those constructed between Quinn's Cross Roundabout and Mungret Village between 2015-2017 actually increased the risk to cyclists as the bad design left a drop to road level at numerous dished entrances.

There are as many as 38 such entrances on the road. The height of the kerb poses a risk to cyclists catching a pedal on such a narrow cycle lane.

Fr Russell Rd Residents say NO to Cycle Lane Dangerous reconstruction will lead to increased risk for all

Increased risk for pedestrians

Fr Russell Rd Residents say NO to Cycle Lane Copper beech tree on Fr. Russell Rd since 1940's

Fr. Russell rd is not a level surface cyclists will speed downhill in a cycle lane at up 40km/h and pose a risk at pedestrian crossings.

Destruction of existing trees and hedges and loss of property

Fr Russell Rd Residents say NO to Cycle Lane

Residents to lose as much as 3m of their property

Existing trees and hedges to be removed on 1.4km of road from St Paul's Roundabout some of these hedgeways have been there since the 1940's. This will lead to an increase in noise pollution.

Some residents may lose some of their property with the boundary walls moved back. The council did this in 1990 when they widened Fr. Russell Rd, residents lost 3m of their land.

Enough is enough.

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We the residents and users of Fr. Russell Road object to Limerick City and County Council's plans for the reconstruction of the road, that will potentially increase the dangers to the health, safety and wellbeing of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and residents.

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Some of our supporters are ...
Eileen Powell02/10/2023
Derry Mc Dermott 02/10/2023
Dermot Mc Dermott02/10/2023
Elizabeth Mc Dermott 02/10/2023
Clodagh Churchyard02/10/2023
Eileen Powell02/10/2023
Alex Finucane27/07/2023
Sean Crowley 18/09/2022
Rachel Jackson H14/09/2022
Gretta Murphh10/09/2022
Melissa Barry09/09/2022
Rayan Tuana28/07/2022
Eimear Tobin10/07/2022
David Brennan and Kevin Kenneally 07/07/2022
Suzanne Delap06/07/2022
Lisa Ryan05/07/2022
Brian Hogan05/07/2022
Grainne Fitzmorris05/07/2022
Siobhan Hogan05/07/2022
Nevis Hogan 05/07/2022
Shane Hogan05/07/2022
Darragh Ryan04/07/2022
Pat & Paddy Clohessy25/06/2022
Brian O'Reilly23/06/2022
Tracey Mcgrath 23/06/2022
Sean Casey22/06/2022
Helen Stapleton20/06/2022
Eithne Moriarty19/06/2022
Alfie O'Donnell19/06/2022
Michelle O'Donnell19/06/2022
Ronan Cassidy19/06/2022
Patricia and Azzouz Chaieb18/06/2022
Philip Smyth17/06/2022
Amanda Smyth17/06/2022
Martina Smyth17/06/2022
Louise Morrissey 16/06/2022
Sean Sweeney 16/06/2022
Catherine Curtin16/06/2022
Niamh Sweeney16/06/2022
Patricia 16/06/2022
Melvyn Shire16/06/2022
NICOLA SHIRE16/06/2022
Geraldine Critchley 15/06/2022
Ciara Clifford15/06/2022
J Gerard Clifford15/06/2022
Sheila Clifford15/06/2022
Lillian Duggan15/06/2022
Anne Marie ryan 15/06/2022
Dee O Callaghan15/06/2022
Donna kelly15/06/2022
Ruth Andrews 15/06/2022
Marian Collins15/06/2022
Thomas Hughes14/06/2022
Sophie Mulcahy14/06/2022
Sophie Mulcahy14/06/2022
Adrienne Walsh14/06/2022
James Walsh14/06/2022
Phil McDermott14/06/2022
Ellen Fitzgerald13/06/2022
Denis & Fidelma Rochford 13/06/2022
Niall Mc Inerney13/06/2022
Selena Simmons13/06/2022
Debbie Simmons13/06/2022
Ted Simmons13/06/2022
Annissa Simmons13/06/2022
Marie Mc Loughlin12/06/2022
Michelle ODONNELL 12/06/2022
Anthony Mollica 12/06/2022
Leah mollica 12/06/2022
Dympna McNamara12/06/2022
Martina Crosse12/06/2022
Mary Mollica12/06/2022
caroline kenny10/06/2022
Mairead Sweeney10/06/2022
Gerald Hanley10/06/2022
Karolina S09/06/2022
Mary Hennigar 09/06/2022
Marian Collins09/06/2022
Louise Butler08/06/2022
Sarah Irwin 08/06/2022
Mark Allen07/06/2022
Mary Allen 07/06/2022
Erin MacNamara07/06/2022
Emma Mullane 07/06/2022
Gavan MacNamara07/06/2022
Ethan MacNamara07/06/2022
Donogh Sweeney 07/06/2022
Marguerita Sweeney07/06/2022
Gillian 07/06/2022
Deirdre O’Connell07/06/2022
Niamh O’Connell05/06/2022
Bertie Callaghan03/06/2022
Christine NacNamara03/06/2022
Gerard McNamara03/06/2022
Assunta Stakelum 03/06/2022
David Reed03/06/2022
Jacinta MacNamara03/06/2022
Aisling Flanagan03/06/2022
Gail Walsh03/06/2022
Miriam Flahive02/06/2022
Eamon Flahive02/06/2022
Joan Hartley02/06/2022
Kevin Hartley02/06/2022
Grainne Hartley02/06/2022
Sharon Hartley02/06/2022
Jackie Reed01/06/2022
David Fitzgibbon 01/06/2022
Sharon maguire 21/05/2022
Elizabeth O Neill20/05/2022
Caroline Barriscale 19/05/2022
Antonia Coppola17/05/2022
Carol Hayes17/05/2022
richard dorgan16/05/2022
jackie Purcell Duhig 16/05/2022
Catherine 16/05/2022
Catherine Meehan 16/05/2022
Mary O Donnell16/05/2022
Teresa Loftus16/05/2022
Ashley Duggan11/05/2022
Neal whelan 09/05/2022
Nicola whelan 09/05/2022
Brendan O'Brien09/05/2022
Katarzyna Wieczorek29/04/2022
Paweł Wieczorek29/04/2022
Ivan Thai29/04/2022
Teresa Thai29/04/2022
Anson Thai29/04/2022
Joleena Thai29/04/2022
Jim Ofarrell31/03/2022
Helen Burke 31/03/2022
Emma Ryan29/03/2022
Paul Doyle26/03/2022
Julie O'Farrell24/03/2022
Aileen McMahon 19/03/2022
Robert McMahon19/03/2022
Ian Cooney08/03/2022
Emer Robledo 28/02/2022
Mary Duggan24/02/2022
Kieran Duggan24/02/2022
Lillian Duggan24/02/2022
Caoimhe Mccarthy16/02/2022
Mo Sislak15/02/2022
Michael Curtin15/02/2022
Monica Curtin14/02/2022
Patrick carey14/02/2022
Amanda Bedford Brodie 14/02/2022
Dorothea Fitzgibbon11/02/2022
Mark Benson10/02/2022
Jack Wallace10/02/2022
Teresa Stack10/02/2022
Gemma Kiely09/02/2022
tara mcinerney03/02/2022
Denis Cusack02/02/2022
Maire O Sullivan28/01/2022
Alex Cooke28/01/2022
Adam Cooke28/01/2022
Holly Cooke28/01/2022
Valerie Cooke28/01/2022
Bonny Joseph 28/01/2022
Clodagh Moylab27/01/2022
Aine Keating26/01/2022
Richard kiely26/01/2022
Robert mc nulty25/01/2022
Anne guinan25/01/2022
Jack O'Shaughnessy25/01/2022
Tracy Savage25/01/2022
Declan Noonan24/01/2022
Agnieszka Szotek24/01/2022
Jennifer O'Donnell24/01/2022
Sheila mulcahy20/01/2022
Jim Treacy20/01/2022
Cusack Sinead19/01/2022
Lyndsey O'Brien18/01/2022
Abbie Coughlan14/01/2022
Eva O'Donnell14/01/2022
Angela Lynch11/01/2022
Una o Donnell11/01/2022
Tony O Brien11/01/2022
Tracy Molyneaux 11/01/2022
Alex Molyneaux11/01/2022
Eimear Ryan11/01/2022
Michaela brown 17/12/2021
Olivia Mccormack17/12/2021
Claire Hartley15/12/2021
Alan Buckley14/12/2021
ann givens30/11/2021
Kirtana 30/11/2021
Laura brennan 29/11/2021
Kirdwin 26/11/2021
Sibéal 26/11/2021
Victoria Pauli26/11/2021
John kelly26/11/2021
Pernille Nordgard26/11/2021
Patricia Hilliard26/11/2021
Cian O'Brien26/11/2021
Shauna Doran25/11/2021
Maeve O'Sullivan23/11/2021
Teresa McCarthy23/11/2021
Laurie O' Sullivan23/11/2021
Maureen Darcy 17/11/2021
Rebecca Abbasi17/11/2021
Yasir Abbasi17/11/2021
Conor moriarty 12/11/2021
Con Connolly12/11/2021
John Hayes 05/11/2021
Myra Hayes05/11/2021
Amy Keane05/11/2021
Marie Moloney05/11/2021
Sarah Mc Mahon04/11/2021
John Lawless04/11/2021
Stephanie O'Grady- Maniere03/11/2021
Margaret Ryan03/11/2021
Elaine Connolly01/11/2021
Aisling Kirby 01/11/2021
Dawn Duggan26/10/2021
Gerard Moran26/10/2021
Kathryn Bridgeman 23/10/2021
Tom Considine20/10/2021
Bernie Considine20/10/2021
Joe Mama20/10/2021
Richard Martin19/10/2021
Rachel Andrews 18/10/2021
Terence Andrews18/10/2021
Anne Andrews18/10/2021
Ruth Andrews18/10/2021
Karen O Connor17/10/2021
Niall Hogan 15/10/2021
Andrea O Rourke 15/10/2021
Elizabeth Gough14/10/2021
evan omara12/10/2021
Edward Phelan11/10/2021
Timmy Buckley11/10/2021
Sam Buckley11/10/2021
Ruby Buckley11/10/2021
Alan Buckley11/10/2021
Rachel Buckley11/10/2021
April Hogan07/10/2021
Gráinne Burke06/10/2021
Ellen Gilheany06/10/2021
Eamonn Gilheany06/10/2021
Raymond O Connell06/10/2021
Jayne Hartigan05/10/2021
Wayne Cowie 04/10/2021
Tracie Williams04/10/2021
Martin Gleeson04/10/2021
Rebecca Whelan02/10/2021
sean sheahan01/10/2021
Mary Deegan01/10/2021
Eoghan Deegan01/10/2021
Aoife O Connor28/09/2021
Gearóid Fitzgerald28/09/2021
Kiryl Halinouski28/09/2021
Jelena Galinovska28/09/2021
Nicola moran 27/09/2021
Andrew McInerney22/09/2021
Ailbhe O'Brien22/09/2021
Cindy Fogarty22/09/2021
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Niall Keogh22/09/2021
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Gift Amaeze21/09/2021
Majella Hall20/09/2021
Pat Hall20/09/2021
Margaret 18/09/2021
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Liz O Neill22/07/2021
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Robert Kearney18/07/2021
Pauline Kearney18/07/2021
Joan Grace13/07/2021
Gráinne O’Neill09/07/2021
Audrey Moloney08/07/2021
Sinead fitzgibbon 08/07/2021
Thomas O Riordan06/07/2021
John Greensmyth06/07/2021
Loraine O'Connor06/07/2021
Liz Howard06/07/2021
Eithne Murphy 06/07/2021
Michael Fleming 06/07/2021
Liam Kelly06/07/2021
Ann Kelly 06/07/2021
Noel Fleming06/07/2021
Aine Kelly06/07/2021
Robert singleton06/07/2021
Claire singleton 06/07/2021
darragh mcgarry05/07/2021
TJ O’Dea05/07/2021
Crionna 05/07/2021
Lisa Kelly05/07/2021
Gearldine Gavignan05/07/2021
Alannah Walsh05/07/2021
Aine Walsh05/07/2021
Sharon OReilly05/07/2021
Sharon Mangan05/07/2021
Trish flanagan 05/07/2021
william mcmahon05/07/2021
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eddie fitzgibbon04/07/2021
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John Cotter04/07/2021
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Mairead Ryan03/07/2021
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Paula ODoherty03/07/2021
Emma Dobbie 03/07/2021
Carrie Moore03/07/2021
Gerard O' Riordan03/07/2021
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